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For more information regarding this blog, our website www.southafricans.co.nz or to include your business on the business page, please contact Cathy Mellett on mobile 0211229116 or email netbranding@xtra.co.nz.

Ian Mellett can be contacted for Business Gatherings and Networking Events. Email: ian.mellett@quaylaw.co.nz or Ph (09) 5232408.


5 comments on “Contact us

  1. I am looking for a Chris Botha in Pukekohen whole mother Ansie is visiting from South Africa and I need to contact her urgently; I have lost her phone number and Chris is not in the phonebook. Can you help?
    Wim van Rheenen, 09 238 6391 Pukekohe.

  2. […] South Africans living in NZ HomeAbout this BlogContact usOur websiteDisclaimer […]

  3. I want to join the South African Social North Shore, can any one help me with an email or cantact number please.

  4. I am a South African born in Cape Town. I have spent 4 years in New Zealand. While living in Christchurch i wrote a book, Esther’s story – Escape! It is on Amazon. I would like support of and to let all South Africans here know so they can support me and go on line a view my book. Do not think there are many of us authors around. Can you help me in this endeavor.

    Kind Regards
    Deborah Kelly

  5. I am looking for Les Maritz (+-60) who used to live in Cape Town. He then met a girl called Sandy, married her and had (I think) 2 children.
    Ive lost touch with him and would LOVE to catch-up where we left off.
    If above sounds familiar …. I would SO appreciate hearing from you on migcor54@gmail.com. Tx stax Michele & Teresa.

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