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We’re opening … Unlimited “shopping” for a fixed membership.

We’re opening our doors – why shop if you can swop?

The Clothing Exchange offers membership to a a professional swapping service  that promotes “why shop if you can swop”.  Not only does this encourages the reuse, recycle notion of a better world for our future generation but you can constantly revamp your wardrobe with new pieces of clothing anytime you like.

You simply bring in your  quality “mistakes” , unwanted gifts or items that you are tired of or don’t like any more. These  items are then coded and allocated a value which  then becomes your “credit” and buying power.  Upon payment of your annual membership to The Clothing Exchange Limited, you are then able to exchange or swap clothing to that value.  We carefully check garments handed in for exchange to ensure the quality of the clothing items in our showroom.

It’s so simple and a great and affordable way to ensure you have a continually changing and stylish wardrobe.

Please connect with us on Facebook or contact us for more information.


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