Barry Hilton Stand Up Chameleon touring New Zealand

Barry Hilton Stand Up Chameleon touring New Zealand
Direct from sold-out shows in Hong Kong, California, UK, Europe across Africa, South Africa’s favourite cousin and Stand Up comedian, will be performing his Stand Up Chameleon show at the Bruce Mason Theatre on 18th August, Clarence st Theatre , Hamilton on 22nd August and the Upper Hutt Cosmo Club on 24 August.

With his ability to blend into society and a tongue quicker than a chameleon’s, The Cousin, Barry Hilton continues to evolve with the times and stays ahead of the (entertainment) pack. It all started with “2 Irishmen, and the one said” and 30 years later he’s still transforming his act, performing with one eye on the audience and one eye on new material – as a chameleon would. Bursting with new material, hilarious facial expressions and off-the-wall physical antics, Barry’s new show is not to be missed.

Barry’s unique ability to engage a wide range of audiences has earned him a loyal fan base that spans continents, with performances this year in Amsterdam, Ireland, London, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Zambia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, America, Australia and New Zealand.

His hilarious contributions to radio, television and film include a number of entertaining commercials, TV shows, two movies, and a collection of signature DVDs.


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2 comments on “Barry Hilton Stand Up Chameleon touring New Zealand

  1. Where can I buy tickets from for the show in Upper Hutt? Kindly advise.

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