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Social Media is changing the way we do Business…. and YOU can profit from it!

Just because its Xmas … DON’T SNOOZE and LOSE!  Get ready for 2012 NOW!

Social Media is changing the way we do Business…. and YOU can profit from it!

Facebook has over 800 MILLION users World Wide.

NEW VIRTUAL SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY that can “Grow Your Business” simply and affordably and exponentially!  

What  if… your business could harness the strength of Facebook, have the same functionality and tools, not need to hire a specialized “Social Media” programmer, and still have everything the Big Companies paid Thousands for?

What if… your business could create brand awareness with a customised Facebook Website/Fan page Tool that transforms into a viral marketing machine.  PLUS a Virtual Social Media Agency and Virtual ‘Coach’ of its own to teach them ‘how-to’ for a tiny investment?

What if… your business could easily create its own unique, professional and impressive Virtual Business Card for its Facebook profile to brand itself and ‘stand out’ above your competition?

What if… your business could ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT leads into new customers, ENHANCE its Database and DRAMATICALLY increase its profit, leverage TIME and save MONEY?

We want to introduce you the world’s FIRST EVER “Virtual Social Media Agency”!

SOCIAL OUTBREAK offers Businesses Smarter Tools for Success … simple, easy to use, and affordable “turnkey” solutions to ALLyour Social Media needs along with support and professional coaching from Social Media Experts with a combined track record of 15 years experience supporting Corporate businesses.

Please click on the website below to learn all the many features and benefits of using our Virtual Social Media Agency and how even a social media ‘dummy’ can use it!


 “The most cohesive system of online business tools.”  – Forbes.com

Our Total Social Media Agency Packages start at just $100 to $200 to set up once only,

and from $12.50 per week for admin fees.

Now consider this…

Discover how to make your advertising PAY with our lucrative GLOBAL REWARDS PLAN

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Cathy Mellett


Net Branding – Taking the fear out of Social Media.

M: 021 11229116


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