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RWC restaurants told ‘ don’t be greedy” by visiting South African chef

Source TVNZ website.

South African chef Peter Goffe-Wood is speaking to members of the hospitality industry about his experiences inSouth Africaduring the Football World Cup 2010.

Restaurateurs are being warned not to be too greedy when chasing tourist dollars during the Rugby World Cup.

Organisers expect 85,000 visitors to come to the country for the tournament, and restaurants and pubs are being told to get ready for a busy period.

South African chef Peter Goffe-Wood is speaking to members of the hospitality industry today about his experiences during the Football World Cup last year.

He told TV ONE’s Breakfast the best businesses will be those that are realistic about what they can achieve.

“If you’re a 60-seater restaurant you’re a 60-seater restaurant, there’s no point in throwing up a marquee outside and putting in another 200 seats in the hope you’ll rake in some money over the six weeks” he said.

“I think you need to concentrate on what your core business is and expect to be full every night. Trying to over-do it is where we saw restaurants coming undone inSouth Africa.”

Goffe-Wood, who has worked in top restaurants around the world, said preparation for the tournament is key for the hospitality trade.

“Failing to plan is a plan to fail. It’s going to get busy and restaurateurs and bar owners need to prepare as if they’re preparing for a month of peak season,” he said.

“It’s about getting your staff in order and it’s about planning around the movement of people during big games to make sure you’ve got enough beer and enough ice and everything’s in order to operate at full tilt.”

The hospitality, tourism and recreation industries are expecting a 66% sales boost from the Rugby World Cup, withAucklandexpecting 40,000 visitors while the finals are being played.

Goffe-Wood said the most successful places will be those who stick to what they do best, and who showcase local cuisine and wine.

“Guys coming fromEuropeare not coming to try French wines. They’re coming to try whatNew Zealandis producing.”

New Zealandhas received negative press in the past few months with people claiming the World Cup will be a “rip-off” for tourists.

It led to a warning from the Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully for businesses to not tarnish the country’s reputation in the chase for a fast buck.

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